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Wonderful Watering Can Mod For MCPE


Mod Wonderful Watering Can - watering can Wonderful for MCPE is designed to make the game and the whole gameplay is more realistic and you will have the opportunity to water your garden from this garden watering can. Once you make it you will need to get to the nearest waterfall to fill it, then you can safely return and to water his garden. Every time you water your plants in the game Minecraft PE is the probability that a plant will ripen instantly.

The ID of the object and recipe

Watering can – 4 iron ingot + 1 bucket of water

How does the watering?

To start watering your garden, you need to craft a workbench on the lake, for this we need 4 iron ingots and 1 bucket of water. Next, look for a water source, but not the usual lake or river, we need the waterfall. Once you have found a waterfall, a tap on the water block which is another block with water and the lake will be filled.

On taking up the watering can and returned to the garden to begin watering. In this version of the mod supports the following plants: wheat, potatoes, carrots, lemons, beets, pumpkins and trees.

Once you tap the lake on any of them, you will see how the kitten will start to appear small droplets, which will fall on your seedlings.

Every time you water the plant, you will have the chance that it will instantly grow and ripen.

As you can see in the picture above, we were able to quickly grow wheat, it is fully grown and ready to harvest after the third irrigation.

14 Oct 2015
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