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Morph Mod For Minecraft PE iOS and Android 1.8, 1.7


When there is a desire to transform your game character, each of us has resorted to the use of special skins. This gives you the ability to become any character, but change only the texture of the player, and the man remains unchanged. You can go more far, if you install the Morph mod for Minecraft PE. This script turns the player into a mob, and in any that which you yourself wish to be. Of course, all your capabilities, skills and inventory remain unchanged. Changes only the appearance, but you can safely stand in the shape of a creeper or ocelot and the character to explore the world.

To use the mod is very simple. When you install the modification in your disposal there will be a special item that looks like a star Edge. It will be located in the first inventory slot. Selecting it, you must find the mob, which shape do you want to adopt. When mob is in range, Tapan on it and that item will instantly transform, repeating the appearance of the desired substance. Thus you can turn outwardly into anyone. An item from inventory will not disappear after the first transformation and it can be used many times.

In order to change its appearance you will need to just log back into Minecraft PE and you'll be a man. Morph mod for Minecraft PE has no payload, but looks very funny. We recommend you to download and play around with the images, it is quite interesting.

Set mod to turn in mob is very simple. Because it uses all standard textures, we will connect you only need the game script.

  • To do this we run BlockLauncher

  • Go to settings by clicking on wrench

  • Proceed to the section ModPE script and select the item to Add

  • Looking for a script file that is unpacked in a place convenient for you and choose it.

    That's all. The installation is complete. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition and tested the mod in practice.


07 Mar 2016
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