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Drone Mod for Minecraft PE iPhone, iPad and Android


Mod called "Drones Mod" adds to the game Minecraft PE the drone - the drone that you can launch into the air and using the camera to observe the game world. This mod will be useful for the early detection of dangers on the route or just to intelligence in the General situation. Especially this mod will be useful if you often play in a variety of seeders and like to explore them in Minecraft PE.

How to use a drone?

To start, you will need to create a wooden hoe them two planks and two sticks. After she will be in your hands just tap her on the ground and you will see the drone.

To start a drone - a drone in the sky, you just raise your glance and see the sky, and then type in chat the command "cam" and you will switch to camera flying drone. To exit the monitoring mode, type in chat the command /back

Over time, the drone runs out of batteries, so they need to be recharged. To do this, tap with a wooden hoe on the ground again and the drone will disappear, when you blow will have a new drone with a fully charged battery.

14 Oct 2015
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