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There Villages Near Spawn Seed For MCPE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Here is a very unusual seed for Minecraft PE. There you will find three villages, which are built at a small distance from each other. Starting to live there, you can immediately feel the comfort, resources available in these villages will last for much time.

Seed is for all versions 0.16.0 and 0.15+

At spawn you will see the following:

Let's start with the first village, which in the screenshot above is right:

On the left is from two villages with blacksmith shops in each.
First, near the village:

The contents of the blacksmith
  • A bottle of ink (20pcs)
  • Iron sword
  • Iron pickaxe
  • Saddle
  • Iron leggings
  • Obsidian (4pcs)

    Finally, the third village:

    The contents of the blacksmith:
    Iron ingot
    Iron leggings
    Apple (2pcs)

    Seed: 1506687459

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    DUDE!! IT HAS 2 SADDLES!!!! Which is awesome, considering 2 of us were playing together. Thanks man.Thanks a lot. biggrin