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Rare Ocean Village Minecraft PE Seed 1.20.15, 1.19.83


Rare Ocean Village Minecraft PE Seed
You will appear in the middle of a small village, which is modestly located in a small area in the form of Islands. In this seed you will be able to find a small village with a few houses. Also this village is home to few people, an ancient tribe that lived on this island for hundreds of years.
Rare Ocean Village Minecraft PE Seed
They protect your island and always welcome new guests, because about this island almost no one knows. On this island there is a little dock for boats. This is not quite the big island has its own peculiarity. At first glance it may seem that the island is small and it is hard to play due to the fact that often not enough resources. But it's not.
Rare Ocean Village Minecraft PE Seed
Cave is the peculiarity of this island. In this dark and long underworld you will be able to find many useful resources. In General, the seed satisfies the requirements for a good and enjoyable game. It is easy to play, even though the restrictions in the area.



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