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Eskimo Village With Igloo Seed For Minecraft PE 1.20.15, 1.19.83


In this seed you will appear near the eskimo village, where you can see it is also and igloo. The settlement was located on the outskirts of biome ice spikes that MCPE is rare. You will have two options for survival on this seed: survival in an igloo or in the village. The beautiful landscape around these structures will not let you get bored and you will be able to enjoy him daily.

A small drawback of staying in this area is that diversity of resources is limited, but for them to go far not necessary.

Seed intended for version 0.17.0+

Your spawn is in nature:

Go along the edge of a snow biome and you find the village:

The contents of the blacksmith
  • Iron sword
  • Iron cuirass
  • Iron leggings

    Then we find the needle which is seen in the distance:

    Inside You will find a lot of interesting things:


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