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Roller Coaster Maps MCPE

Wooden Cobra - a fun map for Minecraft PE, which is a huge terrifying track for a roller coaster. They are built in normal forest areas. Of course, a roller coaster does not cover a small area, so in some parts of the slides will go beyond forest biome.

Rube Goldberg Roller Coaster is a new map from Ruda Goldberg! There will be a lot of different cool functional devices that, increasingly, work-based Redstone mechanisms. The main task is to perform a simple task that will help you learn new features of the Redstone devices in Mine...

Unusual map attraction called Remix - roller coaster in MCPE where you have to ride on a roller coaster within a few minutes observing the different rooms that are painted in very bright and pleasant colors. Well the map is very uplifting and helps get rid of nervousness.

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