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Mobs & Monsters Addons - Mods MCPE

New Magic Cows Plus Minecraft PE Addon 1.8 iOS, Android
New Magic cow - this is a completely unique addon for Minecraft PE, because it gives you the opportunity to craft mobs. Yes, you are not mistaken, you can n...

Iguanas & Snakes Minecraft PE Addon iOS, Android
Meet the new addon that will add Iguanas and Snakes to Minecraft PE 1.8,...

New Npc's Job Trade Minecraft PE Addon iOS/Android
The addon will add more than 5 new NPC's that are able to make trade with you, for example in exchange for a pick, you will get a few stacks of collected ore.

Vampire Minecraft PE Mod/Addon 1.8 For iOS/Android
Now late at night in the forest will be generated vampires. They looks like a normal villagers, but their red eyes say otherwise. This is the first full addon adds to...

Demon Pets Minecraft PE Addon iOS, Android
Meet the addon that will add new companions for your adventure in Minecraft 1.8. They are called demonic Pets, because they are have a demonic power and small body size with wings.

Sky Eagle Addon For Minecraft PE iOS, Android
Thanks to this addon, with the onset of night in the game will be a new mob - Eagle. He hunts his victims under the cover of night and is able to kill even a large victim - you...

New Mo Bends Addon For Minecraft PE iOS, Android
This addon will add new moving particles for different standard mobs. Their animations will become more realistic, because the standard animations of any action look very...

T-Rax Addon For Minecraft PE iOS/Android,
We present you an addon which adds a Minecraft Bedrock Edition entirely new prehistoric mob - Tyrannosaurus Rex. It has new animations, realistic beha...

Wild Tigers Minecraft PE Bedrock Addon
Wild Tigers addon - add several types of wild tigers to Minecraft PE 1.8. They have realistic animations of movement and attack, as well as new sounds of purring and growling.

Block Monsters Minecraft PE Bedrock Addon
Block Monsters addon is a modification that will add to Minecraft 1.8 new mobs with unique animations, textures and eggs to spawn. Blocks monsters will be self-generated in all dungeon...

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