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Minecraft PE Witch House Seeds

In this seed you will see the witch's house in the village. In Minecraft PE to see this phenomenon pretty difficult, but not in this case. The witch's house located on the outskirts of the village, that is very likely.

The first thing you will see when you enter the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition – witch's hut. Seeds of this kind is quite rare, but they exist. However, this is one of those rare seeds, thanks to which you will meet the witch's cottage.

In this seed you will find yourself in front of the village, which is located near the swamp. In the swamp you can meet the witch's cottage with a witch so be careful before not thought out approach to the hut. Around villages and witch huts are of different biomes, which might int...

Recently in the gaming world Minecraft PE become a very often visited place, which houses the hut with the witch. Usually, it's somewhere in the swamp. Although to find these mysterious places is hard enough, but most of micropterus who have studied the game space still reach the des...

Seed on a very dark area in Minecraft PE in the form of a mysterious swamp. Studying it, you will stumble upon the witch's house. Rumor has it that the entrance to the swamp luring magic lady singing.