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Horror Maps MCPE

Office Demon Horror Minecraft PE Map
This Minecraft PE map will tell you the story of an employee who, due to the tight schedule, has not left the office for more than a week. He began to notice some strange things, but then he app...

You’re on your way home and you’ve been driving for hours. The weather is very bad as it’s raining with occasional thunders. It’s dark outside and slowly you start feeling more and more sleepy...

Outlast Minecraft PE Modded Map 1.5.0, 1.3.0, 1.2.16, 1.2.13
Outlast-the most terrible Horror game. What happens if you move it to Minecraft PE? This mod will transfer the first part of this game.

Visiting a Herobrine Minecraft PE Map
If you really like scary adventure for Minecraft PE and want to go to battle, then this map will provide this opportunity.

Saw: Game vs Designer Minecraft PE Map
Showing map of "Saw: Game vs. Designer" based on one of the most popular franchises - "Saw". A complete walkthrough of the map can take 1-2 hours and You have to go through lots of puzzles, ...

13 Floor Minecraft PE Horror Map
Imagine how it would look like Outlast, if it was ported to Minecraft PE. You find yourself in a psychiatric hospital. If we ignore children's fears, it seems to be nothing unusual. But then...

Abandoned Horror Mine Minecraft PE Map
The impressions received from the Abandoned Mine Horror Map, make the majority of players for a few days to forget about diving into a mine in Minecraft PE.

I Always Close Minecraft PE Map
A fairly short adventure with elements of horror for Minecraft PE, but may leave a small imprint of "positive emotions" that you won't be able to sleep.

Someone in My House Minecraft PE Horror Map
Modern horror movies are pretty predictable, but this Minecraft PE map from them is much different. You'll wander around the house, in which very little light and is deathly silenc...

HorribleDreams Minecraft PE Map
This map will put you into the world of hellish horror that will not let you relax even for a second. You can sleep but you feel very tired. Every time you close your eyes the nightmare flash before my ey...

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