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Escape Maps MCPE

Dynamic Maze Minecraft PE Map
We present you a new generation of mazes in Minecraft Bedrock - dynamically changing mazes.

It's a Dream or Not? Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
Horor adventure for Minecraft Pocket & Bedrock Edition come out almost daily, but this map has original features, so it's worth your attention.

Visiting a Herobrine Minecraft PE Map
If you really like scary adventure for Minecraft PE and want to go to battle, then this map will provide this opportunity.

Pacman Arcade Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
This map is a fun mini-game in which the main skills required for the players of Minecraft PE, are reaction and speed of decision-making.

Hide & Seek Minecraft PE Bedrock Modded Map
This map offers a look at the game of hide and seek in Minecraft PE with slightly different angle. Don't worry, it's incredibly fun.

On the Brink of Survival Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
In this map you have to first survive, and then find the exit and escape. You Wake up in an enclosed glass space, which resembles a huge building. This is another exper...

Survivors VS Maniac Minecraft PE Map
This map is a mini game for Minecraft PE, which group of players will have to confront the maniac. Chances of winning in an equal fight you have.

Secret Nether Prison Minecraft PE Map
This map is very rare for Minecraft PE phenomenon, because it brings together two genres: puzzle and adventures! Will you manage to escape from a secret prison?

Find Exit Minecraft PE Map
This is a map for MCPE peon the passage of "Find Exit" your goal here is to escape from the prison in which you are by law got because you gave. All that remains is to take will in a fist and try to escape!

House with 100 Traps Minecraft PE Map
This map contains a huge house, which is a platform for testing. Who performs these tests is unknown. The house is only a dummy, but in fact it is a huge laboratory.

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