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Parkour Maps MCPE

Phase Parkour 2 Minecraft PE Map
This map is a place where you can continue to learn the skills of parkour. In the previous part you could learn to pass through routes from the servers, and now it is real and hardcore.

Phase Parkour Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition Map
On this map you will be able step by step to improve your parkour skills. For this created a special 10 levels, each of which eventually becomes complicated.

Cold Parkour Minecraft PE - iOS - Android Map
Cold Parkour is a Minecraft Map, which is one of the most difficult. Its complexity lies in the size of the parkour route. Over 1000 blocks in length and then again in height.

Bright Parkour Minecraft PE Map
The map of Bright Parkour is a bright, colorful parkour map consisting of a large number of wool blocks placed in the sky.

Multi-Level Parkour Minecraft PE Map
Map of Multi-Level Parkour will guide you in ten instances, each of which will the task associated with Minecraft PE. Each question will have two possible answers, the correct answer you move on...

Sky Survival Minecraft PE Map
Sky Survival map for Minecraft Pocket Edition is a map which contains many genres such as: parkour, survival, puzzles and even passing. Here you will see and will have to successfully finish in about 30 quest...

Speed Parkour Minecraft PE Map
Speed Parkour is an interesting and original multi-level Minecraft PE map related to the genres of the passage and parkour. Ten wonderful levels were developed and implemented by professional developers and...

Mix Puzzle Minigame Minecraft PE Map
A fascinating map Mix Puzzle Minigame, perfect for lovers of parkour, and interesting, challenging puzzles. The difficulty level of the map is pretty high, so don't expect to pass it the first t...

Bedrock and Glowstone Minecraft PE Map
Imagine that you suddenly woke up. You turn left and right, and then notice that you were sleeping under an unknown canopy of trees in a strange biome is the biome of Bedrock and Glowstone.

Troll Jump Minecraft PE Map
Troll Jump Map - the Trolling begins dear ladies and gentlemen. At the entrance to the map, you are guaranteed to raise the mood, because the game will be very fun, exciting and interesting.

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