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Map titled Spider Boss Fight - the Battle with the boss spider for game Minecraft PE will give you the opportunity to plunge into the world where the spiders live and to test their strength in battle with the main boss who will not give you a chance for error.

Map imagine all the usual PvP arena which is the same that many of you have seen the movie "the Hunger games: catching fire". In the center of this map is a lake with an island in the middle, surrounded on all sides by forest. On this island you will find chests with weapons and supp...

The map called "Survival Arena " will give you the opportunity to PE Minecraft fight mobs and most importantly to survive On the map will be free food, an opportunity to build a house and other things that for a long time, will entice you and will give a lot of positive impressions.

A very large and interesting PvP map Capture the Wool to Minecraft PE in which is designed for 12 players. All players will be in the same room and then are divided into 2 teams and go in different directions.

Very interesting map, which knows almost every one of you in the game CS. Now you can run around on the map de_dust2 in the game Minecraft PE and remember what it was, when this map has just appeared and immediately became a favorite among many players.

Map Chess Battle Arena for Minecraft PE is a large chess Board on which to stand, a huge chess pieces and you can move them around and play with them. This map provides for a PVP mode where you can gather with friends and arrange a real massacre in the midst of all these giant object...

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