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Map Jungle Realms is a fully automated map for battles in a special arena that works for Redstone mechanisms. In the arena there are three levels of difficulty you choose. Sometimes, zombies will drop ingots -- we can use to get access to the best weapons.

Multiplayer map with epic castles, where the goal of one team is to destroy the king and the other defenders! You can just run, to scalp, to shoot arrows or to try to destroy the castle and enemy weapons with the help of TNT-cannons.

SkyWars is a very interesting card to play Minecraft PE on which it is envisaged to play in PvP mode with your friends. The minimum number of players on each team one at a time, but we highly recommend playing at least 3 on 3.

Great map for PvP battles in the game Minecraft PE which is made in the style of well-known Skywars maps on which players will appear on different Islands, of which about ten, and will need to create a bridge of blocks to get to each other.

This map will take you to spawn the famous mobile game Clash of Clans, in which you can now play directly in the game Minecraft PE, is especially fun to do with your friends. The map is very colorful and has a large number of buildings and statues, to explore that pleasure.

Very interesting map for Minecraft PE which is designed for PvP, on the map you will find many interesting places, and she will be divided into several areas that are not passable jungle, a huge maze, and much more.

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