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Spleef Arena - is one of the most popular mini games for Minecraft PE. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to defeat the opponents by breaking blocks under them. The eternal problem with these maps was that had a long time to recover or restart map.

Compete with your friends for victory in this amazing map is the arena! There are two sides and each task-to destroy the other, it's simple :3
It's really fun, but for fun it is desirable to have at least four people, it will make the map more fun.

This is a great map, which provides the opportunity to play in several PvP mini-games. To play any of the minigames, You at least need two players on the map. It is desirable of course, to the number of players was from 3 to 5 and more.

Dust2 is one of the most popular maps in the game Counter-Strike. It is likely that this map will be interesting only for those who played this game Counter-Strike. On the map Dust2 use Redstone-mechanisms that allow you to do visits with your friends on this map.

Map Cops N Robbers is a mini-game for Minecraft PE, in which you can play with your friends! The game will take place in the prison where there will be many confined criminals (players) and the players decided to escape, destroy prison.

On the map WAR ON BOW built a small area for PvP fights with bows. On the map there are a few interesting shelters where you can easily hide from enemy arrows. Some objects in the arena can serve you as a strategic object to attack your enemies.

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