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Minigame Maps MCPE

This map will take you to spawn the famous mobile game Clash of Clans, in which you can now play directly in the game Minecraft PE, is especially fun to do with your friends. The map is very colorful and has a large number of buildings and statues, to explore that pleasure.

Very interesting map called the Dungeon of Death where you have to play at least two, and ideally recruit a team of nine people, as you will need to choose a class, each of which has unique abilities and work together to fight mobs and destroy all their Spawner.

Wolf Run map for Minecraft PE is a mini-game in which your task is to escape from the wolf and stay alive. On your way will encounter various obstacles, which will be the complexity of the process of the chase for you and for the wolf.

Map University of Phoenix for game Minecraft PE is a huge stadium for football, find a field, bleachers and much more. The map is pretty big, so exploring it will be very interesting, as well as you can with friends to play the game, inventing their own rules.

Map titled Spider Boss Fight - the Battle with the boss spider for game Minecraft PE will give you the opportunity to plunge into the world where the spiders live and to test their strength in battle with the main boss who will not give you a chance for error.

Map imagine all the usual PvP arena which is the same that many of you have seen the movie "the Hunger games: catching fire". In the center of this map is a lake with an island in the middle, surrounded on all sides by forest. On this island you will find chests with weapons and supp...

Interesting map called Ten Second Trivia for Minecraft PE where you have to pass 20 difficult but interesting challenges. All tests will be that you need to correctly answer the questions within 10 seconds, then opens the door with a new question. If you don't have time to answer, yo...

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