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Mech & Tech Mods - Addons MCPE

Car Addon adds a Minecraft PE from three new cars. The modification tends to be similar to "Mech Mod" on this in the future, you will see a new transport. In MCPE, you can use this technique for various purposes, such as racing with friends or for a quick move in the huge world of ...

This addon will let you be a rider any monster or animal in MCPE. In addition, you will be able to move at different speeds, you will also be able to use some abilities of certain mobs. For example, if you will mount the hen, then will be able to jump from any height.

In many movies and games, you might notice that some of the characters were riders of spiders, that's why we offer you a addon, which will help you in your Minecraft PE to ride spiders. There are a huge number of pros and cons of movement on this monster.

Mod Vanilla Foundry creates an opportunity to dispose of unnecessary items in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, and parse the stuff back into iron ingots and gold. Agree, because sometimes you have happened so that you crafting the axe instead of the pickaxe, or Vice versa?

Mod SinglePlayer Economy — this modification adds in Minecraft Pocket Edition economic system. To mod will allow you to choose one of the task, for which performance you will get money. The money can be used to purchase items and starter kits (whale).

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