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House Maps MCPE

Map building for Minecraft PE on which you will find quite a large mansion in which are many rooms and three floors. Map is in its early stages and as the author only finished the exterior of the house, in the new version, he promised to furnish room furniture and much more.

Very interesting and unusual Steve Holding House map for Minecraft PE which is a Titanic statue of Steve that will keep the land on which your home is with a swimming pool. The value of this statue is amazing and you would be happy to play it.

Modern House map will allow you to visit and explore the home of the future in the game Minecraft PE. The house is quite large and there absolutely all processes are automated, starting from harvesting and ending with the dressing of the bed. Map was very fun and allow you to see wha...

If you like horror maps and parochial bias, then the card House Herobrine you will love. On the map is the house in which dwells a terrible and horrible Horobin. This map is exactly to fray your nerves, and in some moments it is really scary.

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