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House Maps MCPE

Each of us dreams about an ideal house, where always reigned a cosiness and good mood. Thanks to the world of Minecraft PE, you have the opportunity, at least for some time closer to his dream.

For a good game in the world Minecraft PE it is enough to author quality picked all the textures and mobs and then, by and large, it all depends on the player. This map is an example of just such a world in...

Map Christmas Town will give you a real festive mood. You will have the opportunity to visit the amazing factory for the production of gifts for the New Year and Christmas. In the past the factory, you will have a wonderful journey through the great winter city.

Here you will find a very nice and cozy house, which is located somewhere near the small cliffs and a small waterfall. This is the place where you will be able to acquire harmony within yourself, because this house and the Creek near it contributes to it all.

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