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Horror Maps MCPE

Map InBegin: Destiny is a horror adventure with puzzles in Minecraft PE! Here your main task – to escape from his own nightmare. The map has several completed and each of them depends on how you act in a particular case.

In this world the most important thing - to run, and also try to find a way out of giant maze roam horrible Grivers and hordes of other monsters. Battle, solve riddles and find in dark corners of hidden chests! But most importantly - try to find all 8 mysterious rooms to open the loc...

The Facility Horror - map on which you have to become a police officer, who will investigate the disappearance of a team of engineers who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The map will immerse you in a fascinating investigation, which would be fraught with great risk and fe...

Map for Minecraft PE which is called Herobrine Mansion - Estate Guide, his name was given to it due to the fact that it looks very dark, mysterious and can induce terror in any player, and the Herobrine.

Yes, Yes, you read that right. This is a real horror map for Minecraft PE version. Awakening is a horror adventure where you will travel into the darkest depths of your fears.

Interesting Zombie map for Minecraft PE weave in which you woke up in a strange room, once you are deafened when you come home. You don't have any idea who could do such and why he did so.

A very unusual map on Virus survival Z for Minecraft PE game in which your main task, as you know is to stay alive at any cost, but to do so will not be easy, as zombies will do everything to prevent you to do it.

If you like horror maps and parochial bias, then the card House Herobrine you will love. On the map is the house in which dwells a terrible and horrible Horobin. This map is exactly to fray your nerves, and in some moments it is really scary.

MULTI HORROR map: BE CONTINUED is a logical continuation of the famous horror adventure in which you will play for undergrowth...

You eat to relatives for almost 7 hours without a break and tired not to notice that petrol is running out. Suddenly, the car stops.

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