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Horror Maps MCPE

This map represents the already known story of “Five nights Freddy's”. This is a very interesting map where you are waiting for various tests and perhaps even sometimes a stressful situation in which you will need...

The name of this map "Ghast Survival" comes from the name of the boss which is very powerful, and the victory over it is your mandatory job. But to complete the mission, you will have still some way to survive this is not easy for you habitat.

This map radiates from a sense of comfort and at the same time carries a certain mystique. This combination as well as attracts fans of various adventures, isn't it? Upon entering the world, you will find yourself near a small hut situated somewhere in the forest.

This adventure map will take you to a very interesting story. You play the role of a detective named Steve, who is nearly several months dreaming the same dream. In the dream you see a long dark tunnel with a lot of strange things.

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