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GUI - HUD - UI Mods & Addons MCPE

The program PocketInvEditor Pro you can edit any previously created world in Minecraft Pocket Edition due to the wide range of settings and editing world. Through the program PocketInvEditor Pro you can rename the name of a previously created world, change game mode, and change the w...

DebugPE mod adds in Minecraft Pocket Edition screen debug on the PC version of Minecraft. Mod DebugPE very easy to use - the debug screen can be opened/closed at any time and therefore it will not bother you during the game and you will be able to enjoy the game.

Superflat World Layers GUI will allow to define which types of blocks to generate the world and in what quantity. The number of generated blocks, you can define the number of layers, not more, because each layer of the world will be fully populated over the horizon.

Convenient to navigate in the game world Mincraft can knowing useful information on the basis of which you will act. A useful development has seen the world is MPEHUD mod for Minecraft PE, which displays a number of options for you. These are the coordinates of your character in tria...

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