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GUI - HUD - UI Mods & Addons MCPE

Retro RPG HUD is a addon that will take us back in time 20 years ago. In this time the computer memory does not exceed 8 megabytes ( And is now over 2 GB). The addon will copy from the old RPG games HUD. Such games may include, for example Ragnarok. That is the HUD, which seems ove...

This addon will add, or rather open secret the quick removal of resource packs and behavior packs. This will allow in Minecraft PE to quickly clean up unwanted textures and modifications.

By installing this addon, Minecraft PE will get the new interface. In the HUD will be added with new functions, for example now to see a pause button, your coordinates, and corrected some bugs on devices with iOS and Win 10.

PC Trade With Villagers Mod For MCPE 1.2.0, 1.1.5, 1.1.4, 1.1.0
If you always play on seeds where there is double, triple, or simple villages, then this mod is perfect for you. He will transfer from PC ve...

Want more performance from Minecraft Pocket Edition? Try to use the mod "Max Framerate" to MCPE, which uses a hidden feature in Minecraft PE beta, and increases FPS (frames per second) to maximum values or to values that will set the player himself.

Block ID's Mod is a modification, which need almost any player. Even experienced players can't remember all Indicators of blocks, and what to say about beginners. Mod a make so that when you look at a certain block above it to appear in the table, which will indicate the name of th...

By installing this addon, you will get your Minecraft PE real polar bears. As in a computer game, bears can be your Pets. Set of features have remained unchanged. That is, they can be tamed, they can feed, to breeding, to ride, and will attack hostile mobs.

This addon will make it possible to trade with villagers using emeralds. As you know, in default Minecraft you can trade with the villagers for a long time, but in MCPE this capability is not added for a very long time. The addon will solve this problem once and for all.

Slope Blocks — this mod changes the terrain blocks in Minecraft Pocket Edition. now some of the blocks will be uneven relief at its end is a small bleed in the form of a slope. Modifying units will relate to a 21 block. This mod will work on version 0.15.6 Minecraft PE / Minecraft ...

If you play MCPE and have played either console version or PC version, you have probably realized that there is no in-game background music. That changes today! With these steps, you too can have music in your MCPE just like I do.

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