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City - Castle Maps MCPE

Ancient United Arab Emirates MCPE Map
Ancient United Arab Emirates is an exact reconstruction of a medieval Arab city, moved into the world of Minecraft PE.

Prototype of Disney Castle Minecraft PE Map
In most medieval castles that you could meet in Minecraft PE, the emphasis was on the exterior, but the Prototype of Disney Castle is beautiful both inside and out.

Flying Island of Herobrine Minecraft PE Map
On this map built a replica of the Herobrine island. Only one player was able to see and recreate this secret island. Nobody knows where a Ghost lives, but now we know more about i...

City of Films Minecraft PE Map
This map is very different from traditional settlements and towns created by players in Minecraft PE. It includes buildings, taken from movies and computer games.

Mini N-Y Minecraft PE Map
Each project built by the city in Minecraft PE unique, is no exception and the map of Mini N-Y, inspired by the real-life city in the United States, in New York, which is essentially the same city.

Young City Minecraft PE Map
Another interesting map of the town of Young city for Minecraft PE that will appeal to many players. It is made in modern style and can serve as a great starting point to create your own unique map based on it.

Big Fashion City Minecraft PE Map
Before you legendary Big Fashion City map for Minecraft Pocket Edition with two modes to choose from — survival and creative! In this city, you will find many buildings such as stadiums, parks...

Stampy World Minecraft PE Map
Map Stampy World is such a huge world that was created by the author of this map under the name Stampy. Here you will see a lot of interesting and exciting, especially a big village with different elements an...

City of Dreams Minecraft PE Map
This map contains a vast city that has everything you need. For example you'll be able to play real hockey or football in Minecraft PE.

The Herobrine King Adventure Minecraft PE Map
King Herobrine Adventure Map for MCPE is a kind of mixture, which has a simple construction and interesting missions with a little story.

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