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Mod One Punch Man — this addon allows just one hit kill any mob. Setting it in the game appear a little not a balanced thing, but rather any object will be to inflict 600 points of damage. This is enough to kill any monster or animal in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Voxelation is one of the best decorative mods for Minecraft PE. Using it in your game be added about two dozen new furniture that you use in real life on a daily basis.

If you play MCPE and have played either console version or PC version, you have probably realized that there is no in-game background music. That changes today! With these steps, you too can have music in your MCPE just like I do.

PC GUI Mod For MCPE 1.1, 1.0.9, 1.0.8 iOS, Android, Windows 10
PC GUI mod for Minecraft PE changes the interface and graphics on your pocket edition game for iOS, Android and Win10 on graphics from of the ...

Magical Staffs - its a best magic mods for Minecraft PE. After installing it you will be able to use a magic wand. Something similar could be observed in the MCPC.

This mod is for those who have little standard quantity of bows and swords.
It adds new weapons, with the already increased damage and unusual appearance. Feel yourself a real medieval warrior who runs with a heavy blade at the ready.

More Food mod — this mod adds in Minecraft Pocket Edition over 30 new types of food you can cook. Some of the food is prepared using the usual workbench and some are amenable to heat treatment.

Mod Inventory PE Pets — this modification adds in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition Pets. In the world of MCPE will be 31 pet. You'll be able to develop Pets and keep them in inventory. Next, you will need to feed your Pets in the future, they will bring you some benefit. All Pets...

At the moment, the stained glass of different colors has only in the PC version of Minecraft. So why is this feature not to enter in the handheld version of the game?! Players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition has for several years restricted the use of stained glass!

Mod Craftable Saddle & Horse Armors adds new craft recipes. The crafting recipes for those items that are already in the game for quite a long time, but you can get them just by searching the world Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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