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Adventure Maps MCPE

Spongebob Edition is made fully based on the famous cartoon Sponge Bob and you will have the chance to explore the famous city of Bikini Bot in the game Minecraft PE and to visit those places where unfolded all the action in the cartoon. Map recreates the entire city and familiar pla...

Very interesting map and fun Cat and mouse game Minecraft PE which is a large maze in the shape of a pyramid, in which will appear all players. Map provides a multiplayer mode in which players are divided into two teams.

If you like the integration of the Wastelands map for Minecraft PE surviva exactly like you, especially if you are always ready to meet difficulties and know how to deal with them. The main feature of this card is that you need to pass it and never die throughout the game, making it ...

Very interesting map test Elementar parkour for Minecraft PE in which the who are waited for by 7 different tests that you should pass. All the tests are very interesting and will not let you get bored throughout the game. For each test you will see a separate biome, which is differe...

Map The Investigator investigator for Minecraft PE where you have to investigate the theft of very rare relics and is fully immersed in the process of solving mysteries and clues, which will meet throughout the game.

We present to your attention a very interesting map escape from the prison in which as you already know, you have to escape from prison, guarded by in this you will be helping other prisoners and is only two exits or escape or die.

Very interesting map Spartan parkour and the passage on which your main task is to find a way out. So it will be waiting for you several tests, they are not very complex, but still with some of them you have to Tinker.

Map Kitchen Table will take you into a world where you'll play as a little mouse and your task is to eat all that lies on the holiday table, but this must be done as fast as possible that no one would have noticed.

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