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If you persistently is not enough to the game new mobs, you should use New Monsters Addon 0.16.0. This new mobs created from those that already exist. However, these have slightly changed the characteristics of the body and properties.

This is the first addon for pokemon in Minecraft PE. It adds a real Pikachu, which is using the electric stone to evolve into Raichu. Like any other pokemon, these will protect you from enemies and also to follow you. If you are a huge fan of the game Pokemon GO or anime series, th...

With DayZ Zombie Apocalypse addon your flesh will be audible for several miles from you. Now to play Minecraft PE play becomes several tens of times more difficult as from the very start, you will need to find or build shelter.

New Animal is a addon that adds a Minecraft PE more animals. Now you can see the new mob from the PC version, which is very interesting. It's a new animal called a Llama. You can see them in the mountains and in some villages, where people use them as carrier materials. You can use...

Here is a very exciting and popular behavior addon called "Flintlock Pistol". It is very famous in the PC version of Minecraft, as it adds the gun from the XVII century . Many players like to feel in the role of Napoleon or other commander.

Secret Items addon — this modification will allow you to explore the other side of the game, to learn about new sevret items that have been long hidden. Why these things are called hidden? Because they cannot just find in your inventory creative regime.

This Add-on adds 5 new mobs. The mobs are
-Rick, spawned with a creeper egg
-Daryl, spawned with a husk egg
-Michonne,spawned with a zombiepigman egg
-Michonne's zombies, spawned with villager eggs.
-Walker, spawned with a zombie egg
The wa...

This Add-on is called the Greek Mythology Add-on because I am planing on adding more mobs in the future. The only Mob that the add-on has at the moment is the Minotaur. The Minotaur can be spawned in with a zombie pigman egg. The Minotaur attacks sheep, pigs, zombies, villagers, an...

Want to new friendly mobs in your Minecraft PE? Then install this addon and you will be able to call this huge Ogre. He will fight bravely for you, and will be able to protect your buildings from evil monsters.

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