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.McPack Behavior Packs Addons MCPE

Before you is an addon that adds in Minecraft PE dinosaur named Dino. This popular character from cartoons, which everybody likes. In the game you will be able to spend with him a pretty long time, which will allow good friends with him.

The addon adds a new animal in Minecraft PE called Lama. The appearance of these animals is like a little camel with hooves of the horse. Lama has many new devices that aren't in other animals, for example it can attack by spitting monsters, and other mobs that will hurt her.

Lucky block mod is the most popular addon for Minecraft PE. Using it in your world will have a new unit opening which can be anything, for example he will drop diamonds or powerful armor or hostile mobs.

Repeatedly wanted for a long time called under water, but the level of oxygen supply has always bothered you? Then this addon will make you a squid man, which will allow you to be under water forever. You can easily explore the underwater world of Minecraft PE, especially ocean mon...

As you know, a new computer version of Minecraft 1.11 added Woodland Mansion, where there's a new special named mobs Vindicators. They look similar to villagers, but have different skin color and clothing. In MCPE you will be able to call them with the domestication of skeletons. V...

You caught in a situation when those damn monsters did not give to build a house or easy to play? This addon instantly solve such problems. Now you will be disguised as one of the monsters that will allow you to pass by and go about their business without fear of being attacked.

There is little time left for the holiday named Halloween. It's time to decorate Minecraft PE under this topic. This addon will help you in this matter. He added the main highlight - the owl.

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