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.McPack Behavior Packs Addons MCPE

This addon will let you be a rider any monster or animal in MCPE. In addition, you will be able to move at different speeds, you will also be able to use some abilities of certain mobs. For example, if you will mount the hen, then will be able to jump from any height.

In many movies and games, you might notice that some of the characters were riders of spiders, that's why we offer you a addon, which will help you in your Minecraft PE to ride spiders. There are a huge number of pros and cons of movement on this monster.

Animated Blocks is a very useful Addon for Minecraft PE. With his help, more than 19 units will become animation. For example, when you're melting in the furnace, it will show the animation of burning/melting; on top of the TNT block to play animation burning wick, which is very re...

Addon will make of standard villagers more stronger to survive. In Minecraft PE, they will be able to fend for themselves, so as to learn to fight. So your world will be a little more realistic and hardcore. If you chase monsters and you are not able to fight back, then this villag...

More Baby Mobs is a great add-on for your Minecraft PE on a realistic birth rate of the mobs. With it, you can become a true father or mother that will allow you to find out more about the basics of parenting and infant feeding monsters and animals.

Addon Humanoid Mobs can turn hostile monsters in a friendly. Now in your Minecraft PE will be generated creeper-humanoids instead of the usual creepers. New mobs look like secret agents and they will help you in any situation, if they are close to

Mod Vladu11's Weapons — this modification adds in Minecraft Pocket Edition four different subject. Changing their texture and purpose, you can get a good weapon. The physical properties of weapons are no different from those in the real world.

If you play MCPE and have played either console version or PC version, you have probably realized that there is no in-game background music. That changes today! With these steps, you too can have music in your MCPE just like I do.

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