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Want more performance from Minecraft Pocket Edition? Try to use the mod "Max Framerate" to MCPE, which uses a hidden feature in Minecraft PE beta, and increases FPS (frames per second) to maximum values or to values that will set the player himself.

You repeatedly wanted to go as a mob? This addon will transform you into a zombie. Like on servers with zombie mode, you will survive, just like the monster itself: to go out only at night to attack the villagers, fed orphaned meat, etc.

Explosion Power Addon is a modification that will make the explosions in Minecraft PE more realistic and biggest. Now you don't have to build a lot of TNT blocks, and it is enough to install just one and it will explode as well as a couple. All the explosions are optimized for iOS,...

Fantastic Four Addon is a modification that will add to your MCPE version of the super mobs with super powers. If one mob will meet another, they immediately begin to fight like superheroes.

A great addon that will make Minecraft PE more interesting by adding in new mobs. It's not just new textures, and a full character with its own type of weapons and armor. In addition, the addon will add sounds of walking and taking damage, which is very realistic.

Twilight Forest Addon is the most popular mod for Minecraft PC. It was founded in 2011 and since then has gained great popularity. This modification takes you into a Dark Forest where very scared because there are paranormal monsters and animals.

This addon will add several new ores, tools, weapons and armor. You'll need to find new ores to craft more powerful armor, and then fight a boss named Slime Daddy. Moreover, MCPE added a significant number of new textures for some blocks. This is to ensure that the boss battle was ...

Everyone expected to see in Minecraft PE 0.16.0 Ender world, but the developers added something else - is Addons. Most likely the Ender world we can see in 0.17.0 version, but we suggest you to install a custom version of this mysterious biome. In Ender's world is inhabited by ende...

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