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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2.0 Addon For iOS, Android 1.9.0, 1.8.0
This addon is a concept for the upcoming release of Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 2.0. It includes a variety of ideas and assumption...

Demogorgon Minecraft PE Addon iOS/Android
If you were watching TV show "Stranger Things" then you must be familiar with a monster named Demogorgon. This addon is able to add this new mob to Minecraft PE.

Grinch Stole Christmas Minecraft PE Mod 1.9.0 For iOS, Android
The Grinch is somewhat similar to the pillager, but he acts alone. This iOS - Android mod will add a new robber to Minecraft PE who wi...

Decorative Scarecrows Minecraft PE Addon
This iOS/Android addon adds different scarecrows in Minecraft PE. Using this, you can protect your home or a certain area from all kinds of monsters. Scarecrows are divided into some typ...

Christmas Decorations Minecraft PE Mod 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 iOS/Android
This mod is able to add 23 Christmas decorations in Minecraft PE. Among them there are toys, garlands, led strip, Christmas tree, gifts un...

New Mobs AI Minecraft PE Addon For iOS, Android
This addon will make Minecraft PE more realistic in terms of animation of mobs, as well as their behavior and artificial intelligence.

Time Bomb Minecraft PE Mod For iOS, Android 1.9.0, 1.8.0, 1.7
Now you will have a new entertainment in Minecraft PE, because this addon will add a bomb with an activation timer.

McDonalds Minecraft PE Addon 1.9.0, 1.8.0 iOS, Android
After installing this Minecraft PE mod, most standard items and mobs will be replaced with items and food from McDonald's. Thus, you will be available to buil...

Sleeping Bags & Tents Minecraft PE Addon
After installing this addon, the usual trips to the forest will be a real adventure, like those that show on TV or like camp hikes, because the addon will add a huge number of sl...

Vanilla Backpacks Minecraft PE 1.9 Mod For iOS, Android
Now you can use real backpacks in Minecraft PE. Thanks to this addon, more than 20 different backpacks will be added, which can be put on and carry addition...

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