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More Oceanic Fish Minecraft PE Mod for iOS, Android,
This Minecraft PE mod is able to diversify aquatic world by adding new friendly and hostile mobs, which can be found in the re...

Subterranean Vehicle Minecraft PE Addon
This is an addon that will add new vehicles to your Minecraft PE. Subterranean-a new form of transport, which is able to destroy the blocks in front of him to get into the bowels of the ea...

Death Counter Scoreboard Minecraft PE Addon mcpack
We present you a great addon that has the feature to count the number of your deaths on a certain world. In Minecraft PE, This is very useful information, for example...

Trophies Stand Minecraft PE Addon Behavior Pack
Now you will have a great opportunity to show your friends the trophies in Minecraft PE. Trophies Stand addon will add to the game special new items that are able to fix on...

Billey’s Mobs Minecraft PE Addon For iOS, Android
This addon created for those players who need an additional variety of standard mobs. You will be available to see more than 4 underwater mobs and 2 land.

Domesticate Minecraft PE Addon iOS, Android
This addon will allow you to tame almost all hostile mobs in Minecraft PE. Now you will be able to create your own army of hostile mobs that will follow you and attack other monste...

Soul after Death Minecraft PE Java Script - Mod iOS/Android
If you think that after the death of your character in Minecraft PE should separate the soul from the body, then this script - addon...

More Blocks Mod/Addon For MCPE iPhone, Android
After installing this addon in your Minecraft PE will be available more than 80 new blocks.

Library Decorations Minecraft PE Addon For iOS/Android
With this addon at your disposal will add more than 13 new blocks in Minecraft PE, which will help make your library more realistic and diverse.

MeduCreeper Minecraft PE Addon For iOS/Android
If you need more underwater enemies, then this Minecraft PE Addon will perfectly complement the underwater world with all known mob - creeper.

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