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Gold and Diamonds under Spawn Seed for MCPE 1.16.101, 1.16.40


If you like seeds with valuable ores such as diamonds and gold then this led you will be delighted and with it, you can start to survive due to the backpack is a very valuable materials. The main feature of this sid is that you don't need to go anywhere and look for the mythical cave in which can be diamonds, then you just have to dig under that point where you appeared.

How to find diamonds and gold?
After you appeared, immediately start digging under my feet and dig until you find the first few blocks of gold ore. In total, you have to find the first 6 blocks of gold, and then go on to dig further.

Once you see lava, you know you are almost there and soon you will have to wait not only the gold ore blocks, but also an impressive Deposit of diamonds, which you can use to craft armor, weapons and other tools that will help you to more comfortably begin the process of survival. Just be extremely careful, at a time when there will be lava, as it will flow to you in the cave and you have to react quickly, that would not burn.

The diamonds are situated around the blocks of gold ore, so once you find a second batch of gold start digging around and then you can stumble over a diamond ore.


08 Nov 2015
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