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Forest, Village & glacier tundra Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


This is a unique seed where you will find yourself near the village. In the village you will meet the villagers who you will meet. They can take the crops because there are very many. This should get your attention for the first time in the survival world Minecraft Pocket Edition.

As soon as you appeared in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, go diagonally to the left, and very soon you will see the village. Of course, it still depends on distance of the world. If the MCPE settings you specify the maximum portrayal of the world, then the village you will see immediately. You will only have to approach her.

A little further outside the village you will see the glacial tundra. Glacial tundra is pretty massive, but most of the winter biome covers an area of sheltering snow. But nevertheless colorful ice spikes stretch for more distance.

Go back a little. Behind the village you can see a dense forest. In the forest you can get some wood that is useful only for creating tools and weapons, but also for the construction of your future home.



26 May 2016
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