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Double treasure in desert Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


This seed provides the player a huge bonus to start the game. No need to go somewhere, all near the spawn. Seed is designed for the version Minecraft PE 0.15+.

The picture which sees the player when you are prompted:

Only need to turn right and all at once there.

It's a double treasure, or rather treasures for two generated on each other.

Remind you, it is not necessary to step on the pressure plate in the Treasury. You need to break her.

So, the contents of the first treasure:
  • Iron ingot (17 PCs)
  • Gold bar (12 PCs)
  • Bone (24 PCs)
  • Rotten flesh (20 PCs)
  • Enchanted book (Power I)
  • Enchanted book (Containment (I)
  • Iron horse armor
  • Diamond horse armor
  • Enchanted book (Continuity (IV)

    A second Treasury:
  • Enchanted book (Inflammation I)
  • Iron ingot (6pcs)
  • Gold ingot (8pcs)
  • Enchanted book (Respiration III)
  • Rotten flesh (11pcs)
  • Saddle
  • Enchanted book (Silk touch I)
  • Enchanted book (Silk touch I) *another
  • Bone (10pcs)



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