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Plugin SClearLagg (Hobo Bob) v0.2 for Minecraft PE


Very useful plugin for MCPE server called SClearLagg (Hobo Bob) using this plugin you can delete orphan drop, which is an additional load on the server. If your online server is 10+ then it accumulates a huge amount of loot, which left the players and which will accumulate and may lead to a crash of the server or serious freezes and glitches. To get rid of unwanted loot use this plugin for servers Minecraft PE.

How does the plugin work?
Installing the plugin on the server, it automatically after a certain interval will delete things from the ground, before notifying players that will clean the world from "trash" drops.

Team plugin
/scl - entire list of commands of the plugin

1. Install the plugin on the server
2. Open the file config.yml and set the cleanup interval, in seconds, for the standard is 240

09 Nov 2015
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