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BanItem v2.1 Plugin for server Minecraft PE


If you don't want players on your server could use any kind of objects, then the plugin BanItem will prohibit the use of any item in Minecraft PE. The plugin has only one command, which you can prevent to use each of the 450 items in the game, except Luke, but to block TNT, lighters, buckets of lava and water to prevent can.

When you disable all the potentially dangerous items that can be used to destroy the spawn or the houses of other players, it has on the server staner significantly less, play becomes much more interesting and easy.

Command plugin BanItem

  • /item "ban/unban" "ID:Damage"

    As you can see in the plugin just 1 team, with multiple variables:

  • ban - lock the object
  • unban - remove a lock from an object
  • ID - ID of the object to be locked
  • Damage - sub item ID

    For example, let's look at how to lock down a bucket of lava and to not give players the opportunity to set fire to houses and other buildings, to do this, type in chat the command /item ban 325:10 after that, all players do not have the status OP (admin) will not be able to use a bucket of lava in your inventory it will be, it can be taken in hand, but when you try to use, the plugin will block the action.

  • 09 Nov 2015
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