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Dragon Mount Mod for Minecraft PE 1.0.3, 1.0.2, 1.0.0, 0.16.0

2016-01-25, 02:04:57
Rating: 3.6/89

This epic mod will make you a rider of the ancient dragons! For a start they need to grow, feed and then ride. Each dragon is unique and can even flap the wings in flight.

How to install?

Start Blocklauncher.
Click on the Allen key from the top, then "Settings" and "Texturepack". Now click "Import" and find textures for the mod {Texture} Dragon Mount
Very Important! Restart Blocklauncher!
Now you need to go back into the settings, click "ModPE Script", click "Add", find the downloaded script (mod) in the file system of your device and click on it (Dragon Mount PE v1.js)
Mod installed!

How does it work?

First you need to craft a Dragon's egg (512) - 4 obsidian + 4 gold Apple + 1 egg

Now place it in any location and choose what type of dragon you will grow.

Pick up a special item and tap them on the egg:

  • The core of the demon (369) or the Fiery powder (377) - Fire dragon
  • Water bucket (325) Water dragon
  • Feather (288) - Cloud dragon
  • Obsidian (49) - Dragon edge
  • The oak sapling (6), Oak leaves (18), Vine (106) or Dead Bush (31) is a Jungle dragon
  • Mossy cobblestone (48) - Amphisbaena: Greek giant two-headed snake.
  • Diamond (264) - Diamond dragon

    Once you tap on the egg until it changes color. Wait a few seconds and the egg hatched a small dragon!

    How to ride a dragon?

    And finally, to fly the dragon you must tame it. Just continue to tap the same subject was chosen (e.g. - the core of the demon) and through many taps the dragon will turn into an adult male.

    To conquer this fantastic creature, just tap it by hand 2 times, and in a moment you'll be able to fly at great speed!

    And the dragon will be to defend you, like a tamed wolf.
    Some types of dragons

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    Total comments: 5
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    What should I do if it does not spawn a dragon, but a villager that does not move and is practically immortal?
    cry cry cry cry it does not WORK!!