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Radio Active Mod for Minecraft PE


Mod Radio Active Mod adds to the game radioactive the diamonds, iron and gold from which to make new tools and weapons in Minecraft PE, thanks to which playing will become easier and more interesting. The strength and the durability of these tools is at times superior to any available in the game object, even the weakest weapon out of mod will be stronger than diamond stuff.

How to get radioactive the diamonds, iron and gold?

To get radioactive elements, you will need to produce ordinary materials (diamonds, iron and gold) and each time you get one of these in-game items Minecraft PE is the probability of 20% that he will be radioactive.

Radioactive tools

Once you have a sufficient number of radioactive ores, you can start creating tools. The most powerful tools derived from radioactive diamonds, followed by gold and the last on the effectiveness of the iron.

Radioactive iron sword (ID: 444)

Recipe: iron 2 radioactive + 1 stick
Damage: 20
Strength: 400

Radioactive iron drill (ID: 445)

Instantly destroys any block. The only drawback — mined blocks do not fall to the ground.

Recipe: 2 radioactive iron + 5 iron ingots
Strength: 400

Radioactive Golden sword (ID: 446)

Recipe: 2 radioactive gold + 1 stick
Damage: 40
Strength: 600 (slightly higher than the traditional diamond variant)

Radioactive gold drill (ID: 447)

Instantly destroys any blocks and allows you to pick up all falling out of them.

Recipe: 2 radioactive gold + 5 iron ingots
Strength: 600

Radioactive diamond sword (ID: 442)

Recipe: diamond 2 radioactive + 1 stick
Damage: 60
Strength: 800

Radioactive diamond sword (ID: 443)

Destroys any blocks in the game and gives you select the materials that fall out of them.

Recipe: 2 radioactive diamond + 5 iron ingots
Strength: 800

The IDs of all items and recipes

Radioactive diamond (439)
Radioactive iron (440)
Radioactive gold (441)
Radioactive diamond sword (442) – radioactive 2 diamond + 1 stick
Radioactive diamond drill (443) – radioactive 2 diamond + 5 iron ingots
Radioactive iron sword (444) – radioactive 2 iron + stick 1
Radioactive iron drill (445) – 2 radioactive iron + 5 iron ingots
Radioactive gold sword (446) – radioactive 2 gold + 1 stick
Radioactive gold drill (447) – radioactive 2 gold + 5 iron ingots

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