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Pixel Art Generator Mod For Minecraft PE iOS, Android


Program Pixel Art Generator for Android allows you to create a world in Minecraft PE pixel art in automatic mode. Due on their devices program Pixel Art Generator You no longer need painstakingly to build each block in your design to make a masterpiece of art.

Program Pixel Art Generator will do everything for You in a matter of seconds, and You only need to specify several options for generating art.

How to use?
Once you have downloaded and installed Pixel Art Generator go in Minecraft Pocket Edition and create a flat world.

Next you need to get out of Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to the Pixel Art Generator program and press "Select Image". Next, select the desired image from which you want to make art in Minecraft PE.

After loading the images into the program you can configure some settings, display art in a flat world. You can specify the size in pixels art, art layout (vertical/horizontal), so you can specify how many blocks will fall on one pixel.

When you have specified all options generate art, you can click on the button: "Paste Creation"

This will start the generation of art and copy it into the world of Minecraft PE. (If you did not close Minecraft PE, the generation of art is not going to happen!)

When the generation of art is completed you will be prompted to run client Minecraft Pocket Edition - run the game, go in peace and enjoy generated art.

Arts in Minecraft PE:

14 Feb 2016
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