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More New Zombies Minecraft PE Mod,, 1.9.0


More New Zombiew Minecraft PE Mod,, 1.9.0
By installing this mod, in your Minecraft PE will add 6 new zombies, including female and teenagers. New zombies have improved behavior and are self-generated throughout the game world.

The behavior of the new mobs are so diverse that some zombies in some cases can be completely neutral to the player and will not do harm, but the next day maybe things will change.

Mod Features

  • Zomboy - this new mob in most cases will be neutral to the player. He looks like a teenager with a cap. His favorite activity is to explore the world around him

  • More New Zombiew Minecraft PE Mod,, 1.9.0
  • Zombie girl is a female version of a teenager. This mob is more beautiful than all the others and is also a neutral to the player

  • More New Zombiew Minecraft PE Mod,, 1.9.0
  • Zombie Archer - now archers will become even more. Marksmanship with the bow slightly worse than in the skeleton and the mobs always have weak armor

  • More New Zombiew Minecraft PE Mod,, 1.9.0
  • TeleZombie - a prototype of magicians mobs, because they have a feature to teleport behind the player and damage by poison attacks

  • Invisible Zombie - another mage mob, which has a feature to become invisible to change positions, and then turn into a normal appearance and fight against the player or other mobs.

  • Zombie Evocator this mob is your most powerful enemy, because it has several features, for example, it can call zombie assistants who will help him fight against you, and each of his attack will blind you for a while.

Mod Overview



How To Install Mod?

For owners of iOS and Android devices install guide is the same
  • Download .mcaddon
  • Find it and run, thus importing into the game
  • Open the game and go to the settings of the world
  • In the "Resource Packs" and "Behavior Packs", select the imported addon or mod

31 Mar 2019
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