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IdeaCraft Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.7, 0.15.6, 0.15.4


How about the medieval train, happy block, cages for hamsters? As you look at it? Really cool!? IdeaCraft mod adds in the world Minecraft PE fairly unusual additions to the game, which on the background just looks "exclusive". The idea of mod — IdeaCraft: add new and interesting items that diversify the gameplay. Thanks to the new things you will be able to decorate your home with new, cool decorative items ("furniture").

The same modification IdeaCraft in addition to decorative items, adds another and not less interesting and fun elements, which will be very useful to you. It all the benefits of this mod you can read on.

How to get things?
All new units, objects and items can be obtained in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition command — /giveidea

If you prefer to use the crafting recipes for new things, then below you can see the crafting recipes of almost all new items.

Some items in this modification play the role of decorative furniture, such as: Old train 3D, or bookshelf. Use the Remove Block (id 602), to remove the blocks. Use the Rotate Block (id 601), to rotate the decorative blocks.

Gravity Gun (id - 603): the gravity gun can only be used on mobs and animals. When you keep hold of the gravity gun — hit the victim, whereupon it will pass into the property of gravity. Hit the victim again to free it from the gravitational effects.

Hamster Cage (id 604): it is similar with the furniture. This element you can use as decor in your home. Currently the item is not used for other purposes.

Jet Pack (id - 607): this machine lifts you straight up into the air. To disable this device and to stop the rise — take up another subject.

Water Bottle (id - 608): a bottle of water is a very necessary component of life. Thanks to water we live. A bottle of water in this case to restore 3 HP of your character's health.

3D Bookshelf (id - 609): this bookshelf you can use as decoration of your home.

Lucky Block (id - 610): prepare yourself for the madness. In some cases, when you destroy a lucky block — you are lucky, you will pick up a useful tool. But one day, once you destroy a lucky block and you undergo death.

360 No Scope (id - 611): hit on earth to make this amazing weapon worked and you struck your goal.

Time Freeze (id - 612): press this subject on the ground to freeze all the zombies nearby. It will make killing monsters easier.

Old Train (id - 613): this will leave the old train. This mediaeval trains of no use, but it looks pretty interesting.

Treasure (id - 612): this trunk is currently used as a decorative item, so use it in addition to decorative purposes, impossible. The trunk is made quite interesting — in the 3D volume.

Computer (id 615): everyone would like to go d google from the comfort of your favorite games is really with the mod IdeaCraft. In fashion IdeaCraft you can make your PC and sit in it to Google the necessary information.

Nerf Gun (id - 611): this is a completely harmless weapon. This weapon fires automatically when you take it in hands and shoots blank bullets that do no harm.

Hamster Spawn (id - 618): it's tiny and cute animal. It's a friendly mob, so it refers to the need with love and respect!

Submarine Spawn (id - 619): submarine (yellow). Sorry to move on a submarine, you can not. It is completely static and application — set. Maybe you will find it a more appropriate application!

Frozen Boot (id - 620): this should turn water into ice. During our testing — the water is not frozen, but it is likely that this issue will fix in next version of modification.

Yellow TNT (id 621): to activate the dynamite — use the lighter. This dynamite causes a large explosion.

Orange TNT (id - 622): using flint lighters light the dynamite and run away — it will cause a huge explosion.

Green TNT (id 624): dynamics of silicic ignite this lighter, then run. One dynamite makes a big Bang.

Black TNT (id 624): this black dynamite is valid analogizes previous dynamites, which are also activated silicic lighter after which making an epic explosion.

Spawn Girl (id - 625): those girls you can spawn with eggs to spawn. currently you can't interact with them.

The creeper will have completely new textures of the body. In addition, each of the Creeper will have their own unique abilities that will occur in their extraordinary explosions. For example: orange creeper will throw carrots, blue water flow.

Bats also gained new textures. Some of the bats will have a texture similar to the Enderman or the flying pig.

Recipes crafting

Install mod IdeaCraft:
  • Download a mod.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Mod installed, enjoy the game!

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