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Elemental Pendents For Minecraft PE iOS, Android


If you like fantasy and magic, then Elemental Pendents mod adds to the game Minecraft PE the ability to create magical pendants, four basic elements, namely water, nature, darkness and fire. Each of these pendants will give you unique abilities that will help you in the game or add new graphical effects. Some of these pendants are really helpful and will help you, for example due to Coulomb fire every strike will burn the enemy, and hitting the ground you call the lava eruption.

The IDs of items/blocks and recipes

  • Empty pendant (480) – to get this item, take a gold block and click on the jewelry table
  • Pendant of fire (481)
  • Pendant of water (482)
  • Pendant of nature (483)
  • Pendant of darkness (484)
  • Jewelry table (71, 72) – 3 wooden planks + 4 gold + 2 diamond

    How to create a pendant?

    For making different pendants you will need the main element is the empty necklace, which can be skraftit ' tapping the block of gold on the jewelry table, and then in accordance with the required element to produce the following blocks: lapis lazuli, obsidian and hell stone and emerald. In consequence of these blocks you can scarfit various magical pendants.

    To create a magical pendant or other element, pick up a blank necklace, put it on the jewelry table, and then tap one of the listed blocks. After that, empty the pendant will be charged with magical energy and at the output you will receive, an object with unusual properties.

    Kinds of magical pendants and their properties

    Pendant water - will create under your feet flows that will arise every time you make a move. In addition around you will create a mist of fine particles.

    Pendant of fire - creating and wearing this pendant from mod Pendents Elemental in Minecraft PE, your every shot will set fire to mobs, or any other blocks that you hit. If the pendant will be on you wearing this and you will hit earth, the impact point will be the eruption of lava.

    Pendant of darkness - allows you to blow up everything around you, destroying blocks and creates a dark field, which consists of small particles of dark energy.

    Pendant of nature - will come in handy if you like to fight. Every time you hit the mob, the pendant will restore one heart of health. With him, every battle will be for you a very simple task and will allow you to recover if you fell from a height.

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