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Dyeable Leather Armor & Mob Heads Mod For Minecraft PE 0.11.1, 0.11.0


Dyeable Leather Armor & Mob Heads mod allows you to dye a leather tunic in any color that is available in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. To paint armor, you can use conventional dyes, which are available in the game. Also, you can replace her head on the heads of hostile mobs. The basic concept of this mod is to choose the character your character in the game. If you use skins in Minecraft PE, then I think you will understand what we are talking about...

How to dye leather armor?
First you need to get several kinds of dyes so as not to paint the entire armor in one color. Select a suitable dye depending on the color you want to paint your uniform. You can choose different colors for each armor so that the armor was not plain view.

Make several types of armor to dye armor and with a host of colorful types of armor you will be able to determine what armor will suit you better. This armor will remind you of clothes because of various colors that will be on armor only give her great ease and it will look like normal clothes.

How to get heads of mobs?
Head mobs can only be obtained by using the mod Too Many Items. To replace own head on the head of a mob you need to open the inventory and in the box where you put a helmet to be worn on the head, you put a mob head. Thus you replace your head on the head of some mob.

Available heads:

  • Zombie Head [Zombie Head] - [ID: 408]
  • Skeleton Head [Head Skeleton] - [ID: 409]
  • Creeper Head [Head Creeper] - [ID: 410]
  • Pumpkin [Pumpkin Head] - [ID: 385]

How to install mod Dyeable Leather Armor & Mob Heads?:

  • Downloadable mod.
  • Software download need BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Go to settings BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Select from the menu that appears [ModPE Script].
  • Click button [Add].
  • Click [Add].
  • In the [import script] select [phone memory].
  • Go to the folder in which are preserved mod.
  • The mod should be in the format (.js).
  • Select the desired mod.
  • Mod installed, have fun!

18 Oct 2015
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