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CommandCraft mod v1.2 - the new commands in Minecraft PE mod


We present to your attention a mod on team - CommandCraft for Minecraft PE now you will be able to prescribe one of the 30 available teams and get a lot of new features. For example, now the command you can teleport, fly, switch the game modes and much more. This greatly simplifies the gameplay and makes it more comfortable. Now you don't need to put a bunch of third party mods to get these features, simply install this and get something earlier in the game was not, but many wanted it.

A list of available commands:

  • /about – displays a brief message about mod
  • /help [page] – help with mod
  • /biome – information about the biome you are in
  • /clear – clears the inventory (works in survival)
  • /dropitem [damage] – 'm dropping the desired object ID to the given coordinates
  • /entity
  • /blockdata – shows information about the selected block
  • /explode – creates an explosion at the point with the selected coordinates
  • /fly – flight mode on/off
  • /fov – set the field of view
  • /gamemode [0/1] – in most cases switching modes survival/creative
  • /me commands role-playing games
  • /gamespeed – increases or decreases the speed of the game
  • /give [damage] – gives something good
  • /heal – instant heal
  • /health [set/add] – sets the health for a certain amount or adds heart to the current level
  • /coords – shows your current coordinates
  • /ignite – put yourself on fire for x seconds
  • /itemdata – shows information about the object at the moment
  • /spawnpoint – sets your spawnpoint in the current situation
  • /ip – check ip, only available on local servers
  • /kill – makes your health to 0 = death!
  • /name – shows your name
  • /playsound – plays a sound to your taste
  • /print – displays a message in chat
  • /say – chat message on your behalf
  • /time [set | add] – sets time of day: day, noon, evening, midnight
  • /stop – quit the game
  • /summon [skin] – cause mobs
  • /tile [destroy]
  • /title
  • /tp – teleports you to the specified coordinates
  • /version – shows the version of the game
  • /world – shows the name of the current world

    CommandCraft mod for Pocket Edition is very easy to use you just once need to install it and you will have much more opportunities and tools for comfortable gameplay.

22 Oct 2015
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