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Better Quarry Mod for Minecraft PE iOS, Android


If you are tired of digging the mine in the game Minecraft PE and then mod Better Quarry will allow you to create automatic quarry in the open air and quickly produce useful materials. The essence of this mod is as follows, you choose a level location on a map in Minecraft PE and established on her quarry, then put on the block starting a chest in which to gather all the extracted materials and start the process again in 16 seconds would be to remove the earth layer with a thickness of one block.

ID blocks and recipes for crafting:
Quarry Block (Block career) (215) – 2 redstone dusts (red dust) + 1 gold ingot (gold bar) + 3 iron ingots (iron ingot) + 1 diamond pickaxe (diamond pickaxe)
Quarry Limiter (Limiter pit) (216)
Quarry Drill (Drill for quarry) (217)

To install the quarry in the first place you will need to create a career unit, the recipe you can find above. Now find a flat area and secure this block, then there will be a fence and a drill.

Further, we will need to put the chest on the block start a career, to do this is of course not necessary, but otherwise all extracted resources will be just lying on the ground, so we recommend that you install the trunk, and even better a large chest.

To activate quarry grab any pickaxe and tap her on the starting block is the block on which we put a chest for the collection of materials.

After the quarry was started can go about their business, and then return to it and pick up all the mined resources. Now in Pocket Edition, you no longer have to gather resources manually, just install the mod Better Quarry and start your automated quarry, which will do everything for you.

07 Oct 2015
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