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Dried Up Ocean Monument Creation Minecraft PE Map 1.17.10, 1.16.221


On the map Dried Up Ocean Monument structure shown atragon. She was not in the hand-built because everyone already knows that she began a self-generated version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0!

What is the meaning of this map!? So how to explore the underwater structure is not very comfortable under water because the water absorbs the light and when we get down on one ocean, we have nothing we can see, even if you drink a potion of night visibility, it is better to understand the architecture and placement of rooms underwater fortress on land.

In our case the map author found underwater fortress has drained her, and fenced off a huge wall. You can now download this map, go on it and explore the fortress without unnecessary obstacles and vulnerabilities.

Installing the Dried Up Ocean Monument map:
  • Download the map.
  • Remove the map from the archive.
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds".
  • Go in Minecraft PE → Play → Select the installed map.
  • Enjoy the game!

  • 08 Sep 2016
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