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DIY Xmas Puzzles Map For Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


Ralstonia Christmas Minecraft PE maps from the developers of Mojang! Yes, from Shoghi and Tommy! They built it on a recent stream and decided to share with the world.

How to play?
The game is for 2-4 teams.

In the middle stands a huge tree. Extend from it ice the lines that lead to special sites of activation.

Each team must build around playgrounds and trees any building on the theme of Christmas, only on its territory. The pads have some special holes for the red wires that are connected to the tree.

If you click on all 4 of the lever, the tree will "burn". The last lever will activate the main star of the Christmas tree.

The point of the map is to just have fun, to compete in the epic buildings and at the end all together "light" the Christmas tree!

The archive will be 2 cards: one clear and the other was built by the developers themselves.

31 Dec 2015
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