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A set of Parkour Maps Mega Dropper for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


In front of you, so to say, a legendary set of Minecraft PE maps called Mega Dropper. The author of these maps just made them for fun and had no idea that this would turn into a whole line of cards under the same name Dropper. We have collected all the most popular card in this series one news. I hope you enjoy these cards and this style of cards, and you will become a real fan of Droppera.

The Dropper [Minigame]

The first version of the map the Dropper. It is divided into 11 levels in which you must jump and survive long falls. Each level has unique design and looks absolutely amazing. With each level you gain experience of the fall and every time it's breathtaking.
The rules are quite simple: don't destroy blocks.

Settings for Minecraft PE maps:
Screen brightness: Max
Draw distance: Max
Clouds: Off

Mega Dropper [Minigame]

Map is divided into 6 levels, where at the very bottom of falling water, and you need to get it there, otherwise you will die. After the stage, you can move on to the next. Each level is dangerous, because there is lava, fire blocks and many speakers, who want your death.

Mega Dropper 2 [Minigame]

On this map as much as 16 colorful levels. With every subsequent level will be harder and harder. The task remains the same - do not die from the fall. Well, as usual the beauty of the levels is breathtaking.

Mega Dropper 3 [Minigame]

On this map 21 levels of varying difficulty. After the previous card you must be an incredible experience passing Droppa, and you will have no difficulty to pass this map.

Mega Dropper Halloween [Minigame]

This is the fourth card from the Mega-Dropper. It's only 5 levels, but that doesn't make it easy. The levels are very hard and this map has been specially released for Halloween.

On this map there's a little task: to rescue from death of Dr. Finkel, who is locked in the freezer at the bottom of Droppa. You'll need blocks of sand (supposedly the keys) to unlock the doctor on the last level. Try. It's really cool.

05 Dec 2015
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