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Survival Quests Minecraft PE Map 1.8,, 1.6.1

Survival Quests Minecraft PE Map
Survival Quests — if you start survival in this world you do not immediately know what caused the Apocalypse. But when you start to play and quests with each opening of the new secrets you will more and more guess why it happened...!?
Since this is an open world survival, you don't need to go in a specific path, or to start playing from a specific job. But in General, assignments are placed just so, to make your survival more interesting and tell you more about the world after the Apocalypse. When you appear in the world, you will be on the radio (shown in red text on your screen in the middle), the speed of your movement will be very small. You will need to find a hazmat suit (chain armor), to dangerous radiation didn't hurt you. Complete quests to explore the world.

Survival Quests Minecraft PE Map
Survival Quests Minecraft PE Map
Survival Quests Minecraft PE Map

Install Survival Quests Map

  • Download the map
  • Remove the map from the archive
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"
  • Go in Minecraft PE > Play > Select the installed map
  • Enjoy the game!

18 May 2017
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