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Modded TNT Wars Mini Game Minecraft PE Map 1.11, 1.10.0,


Modded TNT Wars Minecraft PE Bedrock Engine Map
Modded TNT Wars is a genre of Minecraft maps where players will fight against the other team with TNT cannons. Mini-game is very dynamic and contains a lot of action.

These mini games can often be found on the multiplayer servers, but yet their arena is not improved. You can install our map and to call friends in the Realms, to conduct its own competition.

How to Play?

The map has different mods that were created using command blocks and Redstone. This allows us to choose game modes and change other gameplay options.
Modded TNT Wars Minecraft PE Bedrock Engine Map
After the host / admin have chosen the desired settings, you can start choosing one of the two teams. Then everything is simple, loads the cannon with dynamite and shoot at the opposite to the flying island, where located the enemy team.


Install Modded TNT Wars Map

  • Download the map
  • Remove the map from the archive
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"
  • Go in Minecraft PE > Play > Select the installed map
  • Enjoy the game!

12 Sep 2017
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